St Simons Island Historical Sites

St Simons Island Historical Sites

Tourists and locals alike love the Golden Isles, a phenomenal coast with much to offer in way of beautiful beaches, abundant marshland, delightful restaurants, and outstanding vacation rentals. But, the Golden Isles is also abundantly full of history, culture, and site-seeing attractions.

It Is home to several monuments and many parks including the Bloody Marsh Battle Site, First African Baptist Church, Gascoigne Bluff, Hofwyl Broadfield Plantation, Maritime Center, and the well-known St. Simons Island Lighthouse and Museum. Specifically, Golden Isles offers two extremely unique and highly raved about sites; The Fort Frederica National Monument and Christ Church, both of which are located on St Simons Island.

Fun St Simons Fact

St Simons Island was originally known as San Simon, a little Yamassee Indian village that was established near Fort Frederica by refugees during the late 1660s to 1684.

Fort Frederica National Monument 

The Fort Frederica National Monument provides an experience that is certain to make you feel like you are standing in a history book. The site showcases fortress remains from a structure that was built by the British in the 1730s to protect themselves against Spanish invaders from Florida. Fort Frederica was once a warzone where The Battle of Bloody Marsh was violently fought. Today, Fort Frederica is a charming national park that offers adventures to embark upon such as nature trails and guided historical tours among the beautiful live oaks that the island is known for. 

Christ Church, St Simons 

Christ Church is another history highlight on St. Simons Island, since it dates all the way back to the beginnings of the island in 1776. Although religious services were not held until almost forty years later, Christ Church is a staple to the history and making of St. Simons Island since it is the first place that Methodism was practiced in America. British brothers, John and Charles Wesley, and their teachings helped to shape and mold the church and how important it became.

Unfortunately, the first Christ Church structure was partially destroyed in 1820 during the War Between the States but was remodeled, reconstructed, and restored in 1844. Now, Christ Church features brilliant stained-glass windows, surrounding woodwork, and a cemetery that serves as a resting place to early settlers. It's a peaceful setting to visit where the deer roam and the souls of many can be felt. 

The Fort Frederica National Monument and Christ Church are essential and sentimental aspects of The Golden Isles that are claimed to be unmatched by tourists and natives. Regardless of which site you opt to visit, you are bound to enjoy your time on St. Simons Island, exploring the beaches, the village, and the historical sites and attractions that are full of both beauty and history.

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