The St Simons Island Tree Spirits

The St Simons Island Tree Spirits

St Simons Island is known for the beautiful mossy oak trees that scatter the area but did you know that a few of those trees might be peering down at you? These are the Spirit Trees of St Simons. In the 1980s, artist Keith Hennings set out to carve these faces on several of the oak trees on the island. Legend has it that these faces represent the brave sailors lost at sea. 

So grab a camera and head out on a treasure hunt as you’ve never experienced before!

Our first stop, the Golden Isles Welcome Center!  Head inside to pick up your free Tree Spirit map (or download it here) along with other maps for the island. Outside, head to the west side of the parking lot to find your first tree spirit location. 

Next, we’ll head over to the baseball ball fields at Mallary Park. Here you’ll find another old and wise face peering down at you here.

Not far from the baseball field you’ll find the basketball court in the same area. Behind the goal, look east for your next treasure. 

On to number four! It’s time to head over to the ever fun Redfern Village. This area is full of shopping, good food, cocktails, and even live music.  Once you’re across from Gnats Landing, look up! (Now might be a good time to grab some lunch—smells good, doesn't it!) 

Continue your journey to Magnolia Manor and tree spirit number five. You’ll want to take the 1st right on this campus and look for the 3rd tree on the right to find this ol’ soul peering at you. 

Continuing north on the Island, you’re now headed to Anderson Fine Art Gallery. Make sure to go inside and check out some local artists' work while you’re there!

Finally, working our way in a big U, we end up at Gascoigne Park. Save this one to end your day with because here you’ll see some of the most beautiful sunsets as well as your final Tree Spirit of St Simons! 


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